Why did Sarah Palin Resign? The real reasons were nothing to do with her plans to run for president in 2012

In the wake of Palin's resignation, many people have argued that the former Alaska governor made a mistake

She had a strong political base, but it seemed to be waning after her resignation

The Republican party never liked Palin, and her former political party felt betrayed

In addition, Democrats felt betrayed. Palin's resignation made many wonder why she resigned, as she allegedly earned $12 million over the last year

One reason for Palin's resignation was her controversial personal life. In 2008, she gave birth to a child with Down's Syndrome

She has another child, who is six years old. The family was sick of being attacked in personal terms

Some liberal blogs suggested that all of Palin's children should have been aborted. They also speculated that Palin would run as a candidate for a party that promotes retardation

Another reason she resigned was the media spotlight. She became so popular as governor that she often outshone John McCain's during the presidential campaign

Her infamous mistakes led to the creation of a dark populist faction within the Republican Party

Barack Obama linked her rise to Trump's election. But her resigning from office was far from the end of her political career