The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries euthanised Freya, a 600 kg walrus

 she was too close to a group of people.

The picture of Freya with a large crowd and children showed that she was dangerous for humans

A Norwegian spokesman explained that he euthanized Freya because he believed it would endanger human lives

Several legends arose about the voyage out, some from Tom and Torkel, some from the Sagas and Eddas, and others from Knightley

 Despite the myths, many people believe in them. In other words, they are symbolic of what actually happened

 Freya was the goddess of fertility and the god of fire and light

Erik is furious. He shatters the door and yells, "I'm sorry, Freya. I'll never forgive you!" Then Ivar's mum throws a jug of ale over Thorfinn, who grins evilly. He then gives a vicious right hook to Ivar's mother

Erik's rage reaches the skies and the sailors snicker and laugh, but he refuses

In the next scene, Erik follows the children to the Valhalla, but Erik's eyes are closed. Helga and the others are staring wild-eyed