A 2004 sketch about US President Donald Trump has become a trending topic on Twitter

 The video was unearthed by a One America News video researcher, who has now gone viral thanks to it

The sketch features the real estate mogul flanked by future critics of his presidency. The video has racked up more than two million views

The Trumps' new wing restaurant, called House of Wings, is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike

The restaurant is located in the heart of Manhattan. The food is delicious and the staff is friendly, but the atmosphere is upscale and comfortable

The restaurant offers upscale dining, private event spaces, and a variety of other amenities

 The restaurant is also accessible via public transportation. A nearby park provides convenient parking

The Trump House of Wings has five levels of hotness. You can choose from chicken wings, buffalo wings, and spicy chicken wings

As a bonus, celery is always free. Despite the controversy surrounding the restaurant, its chicken wings are arguably the best in New Jersey

The skit has been viewed over two million times on Twitter, but many people have never seen it