Donald Trump's net worth is $2 billion, making him one of the richest people in the world

His personal wealth does not reflect the general consensus of what is considered to be a wealthy person. Other analysts place his personal brand value at around $50 million

It is not clear exactly how much money he has earned as a businessman and as a politician

Let's take a look at his net worth bio and discover whether his wealth is comparable to that of other notable people.The president's personal wealth is based on real estate

His father was a real estate billionaire, and he got into the business by borrowing a million dollars from him.He then helped manage his father's residential projects in New York

 In 1971, he took over the company and changed its name to The Trump Organisation. He began to shift his focus from residential projects in Brooklyn to the heart of Manhattan

In addition to the Trump Tower, Donald also owns other properties, such as his own golf course and a winery

After gaining the presidency, Donald Trump built a private conglomerate, called the Trump Organization. This empire consists of 500 companies

He was a billionaire before being elected President, and has continued to make significant fortunes from his business endeavors

In fact, Trump's net worth has surpassed President Obama's in both size and importance