The author of "Salman's Dilemma" has been the target of several ad hominem attack

New York State Police Major Eugene Staniszewski said that authorities have not determined the motive for the attack

Police are currently investigating whether the man acted alone. The attacker has not been identified yet

The event's moderator Henry Reese received minor head injuries

After the attack, Rushdie's former president of PEN America called him a hero and a "hero" of freedom of expression

After receiving death threats from Iranian authorities in the 1980s, Rushdie had spent almost a decade hiding in New York

The Iranian government had a bounty on his head for years, so the author hid for years. But in 2009, his popularity skyrocketed

He received an audience from millions of readers around the world. After that, he was threatened with murder by Iran's leader

 The author has been the target of a fatwa for 30 years. Many Muslims have deemed his book "the word of God" blasphemous and have vowed to kill Rushdie

The book was banned in the author's native India and several other countries