Adele is canceled shows in Las Vegas, and the news is heartbreaking to me

I had just spent 30 hours at work preparing for the shows and felt completely devastated

I spent the next week tormenting myself over the cancellation. I couldn't believe it

Then I read on to find out what happened. Adele's Las Vegas concerts are cancelled for unknown reasons

The day Adele cancelled her Las Vegas residency show was one of the lowest moments of her career

Adele admitted she was embarrassed by the cancellation. She apologized for the cancellation but was steadfast in her decision.

In a recent interview with Elle magazine, she revealed the emotional impact that the cancellation had on her

Adele's Las Vegas residency was a big deal to her fans, and her fans waited years to see her perform

She has since announced that she would not be returning to Las Vegas. The cancellation followed a COVID-19 pandemic and some set-up issues

Adele has vowed to nail rescheduled dates later this year