How to Unlock & Clear A Stolen Macbook Pro

How to Unlock & Clear A Stolen Macbook Pro

If you find a lost Macbook, this guide will show you how to unlock a stolen Macbook pro. The MacBook is one of the most popular laptops in the world these days. Used by professionals, students, and designers alike, it has become a common tool for people who need a fast and efficient computer, as well as access to a variety of advanced features. In addition, Apple is constantly releasing new updates and air-wrapped features, allowing users to stay up-to-date with the latest security features and gain higher security.

However, Macbooks are not expensive. If you compare them with other laptops on the market, you will see that the prices are very high, and as a result, the Macbook is one of the hottest stolen places on the market. If you are not careful and leave your Macbook unattended, there is a high risk that someone will steal your device. For example, if you leave your laptop in a bag and leave the bag unattended in a public place, there is a good chance that it will be stolen. A large number of thefts are due to people leaving their laptops in their cars. If a thief saw a laptop in the backseat without anyone noticing, what do you think he would do?

Unfortunately, this is very true, and it happens a lot. Each day, thousands of complaints are reported to police stations reporting the stolen Macbook. Most individuals are not as worried about the cost of a device as it is about the loss of data. Important work files, assignments, or family photos, and other documents can be stored on the hard drive, so if you lose all of that, it will obviously be difficult for you to find it all. Plus, would you really like to give all your data to a thief?

Method Checklist to follow

Below, are the steps We took to retrieve my MacBook. We hope you find them useful.

Note: Before going through the process, we want to clarify that these methods may impose a violation of laws. Be fully responsible for the outcomes for your ownself.

Unlocking of Stolen Macbook Pro

If you have been able to recover your Macbook from thieves, you can unlock it again. The first course if your Macbook is stolen is to lock it quickly away. In this way, not anyone will be capable to approach you. Apple has tightened security with a large margin, and if your Macbook is locked remotely, no one can access it without you. After you find your Macbook, you can unlock it with a login code that you can find at

Remember, your device passcode will no longer work; you will want to use the passcode you made while locking it with the My Passport Recovery app. First, log on to and search for your Mac in the Devices menu. Once you have found it, all you have to do is click on the unlock option. You will be notified that you have added the passcode you originally received, and you will also need to follow the following steps to verify your identity. Once you have done that, your Macbook will open, and you can use it again.

How to Unlock MacBook Pro without Password?

If you have forgotten your Macbook password and need to log in to your device to access important files or data, then no need to panic! If you were unaware, Apple has built-in tools that can be used to reset a forgotten login password, thus allowing you to log in again on your Apple device. Below are some tools and steps you can take to unlock your Macbook with Recovery Mode, “Reset Password” and Apple ID.

Using the Recovery Method

Also, if FileVault encryption is not allowed on your Mac, you can use Recovery Mode to reset any password to your Macbook pro account. Here’s what you need to do:

You need to restart your Macbook pro and immediately hold the + R command until the Apple logo appears.

  • Select Disk Utility and click Continue. Click Utilities > Airport
  • Using lowercase and one word, re-enter the password and press Enter.
  • The password reset tool will introduce you and enable you to change the passwords of any anonymous accounts.
  • Finally, enter a new password and re-enter the verification field’s password and enter a password hint.

Method of Reset Password By Using the Recovery Key

This process requires you to enable FileVault encryption and recovery key created on your Mac. The recovery key can be used to reset your login password using the steps below:

  • Press the Turn On button on your Mac and click Restart or go to Apple Menu > Restart.
  • After selecting your user account, click on the question mark in the password field and then click on the arrow next to “reset using your recovery key.
  • You then need to enter the recovery key you created earlier when enabling FileVault encryption, and then click Next. Follow the displayed instructions and reset your password.


There is also the possibility that you may not be able to get your Macbook pro at all. However, you should know that the Find My service is the only service that can help you find your Apple devices. If you haven’t set it up or can’t access your laptop, you need to take a few steps to protect your data.  Also, if you have completely forgotten your Apple ID and password, you can use the Apple ID account website to retrieve them. Just go to the Apple ID account website, click on “Forgot your Apple ID or password?” then track the directions given on the display.

It would be best if you changed your Apple ID password immediately, and change your passwords across all your social networks and accounts as soon as possible. If you stored passwords on your Mac, all your data could be compromised, so you need to be careful. After that, you should report your stolen laptop to the local authorities and give them full details so they can try to recover it.

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