How to Get Free Phones with No Credit Card Needed?

How to Get Free Phones with No Credit Card Needed?

Just like all the other things, cell phones are now considered to be essential for basic communication. A mobile phone keeps you connected to the outside world, and without a phone, you might feel disturbed or incomplete, maybe. However, unfortunately, getting a good smartphone means paying a lot of money and not everyone has that amount.

However, there are a lot of phones available in different stores (such as AT&T, Sprint, etc) that users can choose from for free. There are some stores that require you to give your credit check and a deposit before making the purchase. However, sometimes you can get a phone for free without having the need for a credit card.

But to be eligible for the above-mentioned case, there are a lot of methods that you can follow. Which we’re going to discuss in this post. Please note that following these methods is recommended if you are on a tight budget and you are not willing to spend a crazy amount of money.

Now, let’s get started without wasting any further time. 

Method – 1: Join a Family Plan

The first method involves joining a family plan since it comes with its own benefits. Joining a family plan permits you to have several lines with your family members. Having a lot of lines is an affordable option because in this way you can save a lot of money as compared to having a single line.

For this purpose, you can ask your service provider about the shared family plans. Later on, you can buy lines as much as you like. There are some programs that offer a limited number of lines, for instance, some might give you a total of five lines, meanwhile, others can give you a total of ten lines as well. 

If your family member applies for multiple line plans then they might have to undergo a credit check. On the contrary, family members benefiting from the plan won’t have to do that. Another thing to notice is that the account owner will be responsible for the payment of the bills. We personally think that going with the family plan option helps you avoid credit checks as well as you can also get rid of higher costs while avoiding the purchase of single line plans.

Method – 2: By Paying a Security Deposit

Another option is to pay a security deposit. This method ensures that even if you aren’t able to pay the required amount, the money you have deposited as a security fee can be used to clear the required amount of money.

And if you pay your dues without creating any issues, then your service provider can also refund your security deposit. Please note that a security deposit is only for a single line and to have multiple lines you will have to pay the deposit for each one of them.

Also, the security deposit requirements may vary from company to company for all of their subscribers. Your credit score can help predict the amount of money as a security deposit. 

Method – 3: Checkout 2-3 Different Companies Providing Free Cell Phones

The third method on our list involves comparing different companies that have been offering cell phones for free. Although there are a lot of companies that offer free cell phones without any credit card. But that doesn’t mean you can choose any of these companies without properly checking and comparing their plans.

When it comes to comparison, there are a lot of things that can go in your favor. For example, some companies offer free cell phones that you can get by visiting the stores, while some offer their services online. You can also get a phone or go on with a specific phone plan. The service quality is another thing that needs comparison. Make sure to pay attention to small issues as well, such as network strength, connection speed, the price of plans, and the overall customer service. There are a lot of other things too that can give you benefit if checked properly.

So make sure that you have done your homework before opting to get yourself a free cell phone. 

Method – 4: Choose a Prepaid Carrier

Now the fourth option that we have mentioned on our list is choosing a prepaid carrier. But for that purpose, you will have to pay for a cell phone plan before going with the prepaid carrier. There isn’t any difficult situation involved at the end of the service provider as compared to the postpaid plans. 

When choosing a prepaid carrier, you won’t be asked about any of your credit histories. The common prepaid service providers (including Sprint, Cricket Wireless, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Verizon) only provide prepaid services. But there are also other service providers which offer postpaid plans.

When it comes to the prepaid carriers, the service providers feature a lot of plans that are well-suited for people having different financial capabilities. There are also some prepaid plans that offer unlimited texting and calling while you are subscribed. In case the subscription period ends, you will have to subscribe again. 

Method – 5: Look for a Cosigner

Have a bad credit score? Well, this method recommends you get yourself a cosigner. Basically, if you are lacking a perfect credit score, you can get yourself a cosigner. A cosigner pays on your behalf in case you can’t pay the amount for the free phones.

However, there are a few requirements for the cosigner as well. The first one is that your cosigner must have a perfect credit score otherwise the process won’t be successful. 

You will get the privilege to transfer the account to your name, with the passage of time but that too depends upon the terms and conditions settled by your services provider. And in that case, there won’t be any need to pay for the deposit fee because by that time your credit score will probably improve a little. 

A potential cosigner can either be your family member, a friend, or a person whom you trust.

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