Fortnite is going to include Loki: The God Of Mischief

Fortnite is going to include Loki: The God Of Mischief

Fortnite has been a gaming sensation for quite a long time now, but the hype doesn’t seem to end anywhere in the near future. Thanks to the developers who keep on introducing something super rad and fun into the game every once in a while, making it the center of attention for every gamer out there. 

Previously, there has been a lot of hype features added to the game, including the spectacular event like the Travis Scott Concert or the giving the whole fourth season a Marvel theme. Now, the developers of the game take another hype-motivated turn to inject yet another fan-favorite character into the game. 

This time, it’s the God of mischief himself; Loki. Yes, the great trickster from the Norse Mythology, or more commonly known as the Avenger’s Loki: the God Mischief is making its way soon into Fortnite. The reference is of course from the Marvel Comic Universe, so the character will be exactly the same from the film series itself, played by the charming and charismatic Tom Hiddleston.

Revealed in a short youtube teaser on Fortnite’s Official Channel. Loki, dressed in the iconic green and gold Marvel outfit, proves to be mischievous yet again as his famous scepter “unintentionally” proves to be fatal for an inflatable character that he is about to befriend in a hilarious failed attempt.

But, there is a catch…

Of course, It’s not always that developers are not thinking to benefit as much as possible from a move like this and the same is the case with the new Loki character. Coming to Fortnite this July, the playable character of Loki: The God Of Mischief is won’t be on sale in the regular item shop, but instead, it will only be accessible to the subscribers of Fortnite Crew, a monthly service.

Now, if you have been playing Fortnite then there is a good chance that you know about Fortnite Crew, with developers making it so irresistible with every new release, it is almost impossible to miss. But in case you don’t know, the Fortnite Crew is a monthly service that was launched last year at a conventional price of $12 per month. This monthly service entails getting users to access V-bucks and exclusive items, along with the current season’s battle pass. These exclusive items now also include Loki: The God of Mischief.

Marketing their monthly subscription in the most corporate way possible; the developers have made it clear that the exclusive items included in the Fortnite Crew will be not be made available or accessible to the non-crew members in any way. So, if you really are a fan you’ll just have to subscribe to the Fortnite Crew, or just spend the rest of your days manifesting to do the trick some other way, just like Loki would’ve done.

The playable character of Loki Odinson or Laufeyson is going to be a part of Fortnite July 2021’s Crew Pack, which will include, along with the Loki Odinson outfit, the Loki’s Cape Back Bling, the glow stick of destiny Loki’s Scepter Pickaxe, the Chitauri Chariot Glider (just a random addition to making it even cooler), and the Loki’s Welcoming Loading Screen. 

Is Fortnite Crew worth it?

Now that you are already contemplating whether to get the Fortnite Crew Subscription or not, because the accessibility of Loki Odinson depends on your choice here, let us make it easier for you to make the decision.

As we have already mentioned, with Fortnite Crew, it won’t just be exclusive items like the Playable character of Loki Odinson, but also other benefits like the current season battle pass, which simply means that if you are already subscribed to the Fortnite Crew, then you’ll have the Battle pass as soon as a season starts. But if you have bought the season’s battle pass and subscribed to the Fortnite Crew during the season, then you’ll a one-time 950 V-Bucks return will be applied to your account, which makes it quite an appealing deal already, but there is more.

Further elaborating the access to V-Bucks that comes with the Fortnite crew; With this subscription, you’ll receive 1,000 V-Bucks every month, starting from the day you sign up and then each on the day of subscribers’ billing date. The monthly crew pack will however be received on the day they are released and made accessible to everyone, with a Fortnite Crew subscription, on the very same date. 

The exclusive items and packs are no mystery by now, in fact, the whole deal is about July’s crew pack, which will include the infamous fan-favorite Loki Odinson: the god of mischief from the Avenger’s Marvel.

The Fortnite Crew subscription comes at a fixed price of $11.99 ($12 as we like to call it) and can be canceled at any time.

There is a lot more in this Fortnite Crew service than just exclusive items and that is why we are pretty sure of the next choice that you are going to make, because of course who would want to miss out on the legendary Loki Odinson and cause some mischief that is sure to enhance your experience and make this already fun game even more fun with Loki’s trickery that comes with pure style. We are already into July, and the hype of playing as Loki will soon get the better of us.

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