How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID or Password

How to Factory Reset iPad without Apple ID or Password

Although there is more than one case where you may need to reset your iPad without a passcode, the main reason may be that you have been removed from your iPad and do not remember the password. Even the iPad is disabled, and there is nothing you can do without the original reset. With factory reset, you can clear data and settings, including the lock screen passcode, on the iPad. After that, you can reset the iPad OS device and create a new passcode. Deleting all data on the iPad and restoring it to its factory settings is something you can do from the iPad settings – as long as you remember your passcode.

If you do not remember your passcode or are locked out because you entered the wrong passcode many times, you will need to reset it using iTunes on your computer. Once you back up your iPad, you will be notified to restore your data and settings when you sign in after the reset. If you did not back up your data, you could fix the applications you purchased, but your data will not be available. Well, there is the following method to resolve that problem to you guys which are following:

Perfect Way to Reset an iPad without Apple ID Password

If you wish to reset the iPad without a passcode or password using a feature such as Find My iPhone, you will need to provide your Apple ID and password. Or, if you forgot your Apple ID password, you may find it difficult to reset your iPad. We’ve already published this tutorial post on resetting an iOS device without an Apple ID password. Read the step-by-step tutorial for resetting your iPad without a password, even if you forgot your Apple ID password.

Reset iPad with iTunes

Before you start, make sure your computer has the latest version of iTunes installed and that you have a strong Internet connection. Reset iPad is sensitive to time, and your computer will need to download and install software on the iPad. If the process lasts longer than 15 minutes, it will automatically shut down the process, and you will need to restart.

Apple computers come with iTunes anyway, so you can open it and update it when prompted. If you have a Windows PC, you can download iTunes from the Microsoft store if you don’t already have one.

Open iTunes

Sign in to iTunes on your computer. As a security principle, you should have your Apple ID and password to reset the iPad.

Start recovery mode

Recovery Mode directs iTunes to update or erase the iPad. Because you will need to hold a button or two while connecting the iPad, connect its cable to your computer first, and then you can easily connect the iPad once the recovery mode has started. The process varies slightly, depending on which iPad model you have.

IPad with home button: Hold the top or side button until a Power Off slide appears on the screen. Turn off the device by doing the slide act. Then hold the home button while connecting the iPad to your computer. Release the home button only after the recovery mode screen appears.

IPad with Face ID: Press and hold the up button and one of the volume keys until you see the Power Off slide. Now to turn off your device, slide it to do this. Keep holding the top button and connect your device to the computer. You can release the top button after seeing the recovery mode screen.

Restore iPad to Factory Settings

When the recovery mode screen appears on the iPad, iTunes should automatically launch your computer. It will allow you the access option to restore or update your iPad. Click Restore. Restoring an iPad can take several minutes.

How to Reset the iPad without a Passcode with a Trusted Computer?

Most iPad users do not know that they can reset the iPad without passcode by connecting it to a computer already trusted by their device. If you’ve already trusted a computer before, you can connect your iPad to the system and use iTunes to restore it. To learn how to reset an iPad without a password using a trusted computer, follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPad to a trusted system and launch iTunes. After that, visit the “Summary” page on iTunes. Under the Backup section, click the “Restore Backup” button.
  • This will open a popup message. Just agree to it by clicking the “Restore” button and wait a while for your device to be restored.

In addition, it can be used to restore your backup. By following this method, you can reset your iPad without getting much data loss.

Force Reboot iPad

If your iPad did not turn on, or you tried to reset soft and inactive, you will need to force a device reboot. It’s just another way to restart the iPad – so it’s perfect and keeps your data untouched. Power reset performance will vary on different devices. You are usually using the home button to restart. However, there are other models that do not have a home button — including the famous 2018 iPad Pro. So make sure you see the right way to force a reboot of your iPad.

For devices with a home button:

  • Press and hold the power button and the home button at the same time
  • Wait for the device to restart and release the buttons when the Apple logo appears.

For devices without a home button:

  • Press and release the volume up button
  • Press and release the volume down button
  • Press and hold the power button to restart your iPad.

You may encounter the same problem of the missing button if you try to force a reboot of the iPhone X models. The solutions are here – in the complete guide on how to restart and reset iPhone X, XS, and XR.

How to Reset the iPad to Factory Settings and Erase all data and Settings?

Sometimes the only answer your iPad can give is a black screen. It isn’t delightful, of course. But you should not be afraid. Restoring the iPad to factory settings can fix most of the iPad problems. However, you should consider the fact that your data and locations will be gone after the reset. That’s why we couldn’t emphasize the following: Normal iPad backups collapse entirely.

Another case where you need to wipe the iPad maybe before you sell the device or transfer it to someone else. Somehow, there is only one way to keep your iPad data safe – back up everything before factory reset


Just follow your favorite way to factory reset iPad without Apple ID and password. Now that you know how to reset the iPad without a password, simply restore it and do your best on your device without any problem. You can reset the iPad remotely, or you can connect it to a recovery program. We recommend taking the help of our assistance Screen Unlock (iOS) to restore your iPad safely and reliably.

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