How to Convert EXE to APK (Easy Tips)

How to Convert EXE to APK (Easy Tips)

Exe to Apk Converter is an application that is made to convert EXE to APK file extension without using any high-end hardware configuration other than your desktop PC to convert Exe to Apk. But at first, we have to know what Exe file is EXE is an executable format extension.

The file which you want to proceed is a target that contains a program or file type that can act or run like a computer program. Software like Microsoft DOS or Windows may launch the executable file with a command of double clicks. With the increase in the use of smart technology like phones, and tablets the progress of software and apps for these platforms has also increased significantly.

Just for your info, such data is also used by the invaders to allocate the malware and trojans to the PCs, often through SMSs and phishing emails. Thus if you get an executable file in your SMS or email from an unfamiliar source, don’t run it as it may leave a virus in your computer or may leak your data.

Before the changing method, you should also know what files are you converting too well; we are discussing the Exe file to Apk. It is like the .exe program used to run applications in Windows OS. We are also aware that APK or Android Package Kit is a file type for Android devices used for Google Android OS apps installation.

Every one of the information from an application’s assets and show to the application accumulates’ program code are put away in the APK records. You need to import an APK document and update it physically by giving consent on your PC in a situation you are searching for an outsider program.

Additionally, you will not perceive any set of experiences data or measures when you update the application from the Google Play Store, i.e., the document design. Likewise, for android clients, EXE records can’t run on Android. However, you can change over EXE documents to APL documents and afterward run them.

The applications or projects run on Android gadgets are in the APK design record. You can’t utilize the .exe record in your Android gadget, the initial need to change over it into .apk design.

Conversion of Exe to APK File

There are many methods available online, but what matters is how simple and easy. There are many exe to apk converter tools for PC but we offer one of the best and simplest methods. You just need to download the software from the link below to convert exe to apk file, and the following procedure steps are as follows:

How to convert EXE to APK online

  • At first, download the software called change my software (EXE to APK Converter). You can download this from the link provided below and complete the surveys on the official website to get the latest version of the software.
  • Install the program and start the program. As as you start the application, it will display two options: “I have setup files” and “I have a portable application.” Select “I have a portable app” and click Next.
  • Now, the program is started, and you can browse any of the files you want to convert. Select any file you want to convert and click the ‘Convert’ button.
  • Once the file is converted, you can now copy the apk file to your Android device and install it.

Exe to Apk Windows File to Android

Exe converting tool into APK is an effective way to convert your file. Since the domain has not yet been tested for its highest potential, the EXE to APK conversion tool is one of the very rare PC applications On Android that can help with conversion.

  • From the link provided above, download the software onto your PC.
  • Extract files from the archive.
  • Click on the app to open it because it doesn’t need to be installed to run.
  • Once the app interface is open, select ‘I have a portable app’ and click Next to continue.
  • A window will be seen asking you to select a located folder. Navigate to the destination folder, then click OK.
  • Once selected, continue to select the EXE file you want to transform. Click OK when the file you want has been selected.
  • After the file is selected, click Convert.
  • After the transformation procedure is complete, you can find the converted APK file in your destination folder. Now you have to switch it to your Android device to install and run it.


We introduce two great ways to convert EXE to APK files and use them on your Android devices. First of all, using the conversion tool is easy and convenient as it can convert any of your .exe files, while the method of storing or using Inno Setup Extractor can only convert certain types of files. Therefore, we suggest that you try the conversion tools first and then the second method if that doesn’t work for you.

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