Best Online Store Credit Cards With Guaranteed Approval

Best Online Store Credit Cards With Guaranteed Approval

Looking for the best online store credit cards with guaranteed approval? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Well, it’s basically not true that online store credit card companies provide guaranteed approval. This is because every firm has set up some sort of criteria that needs to be fulfilled by the applicants to get approval.

But on the contrary, there are some online store credit card companies that have a higher rate of approval as compared to other services. No matter even if someone has a bad credit score with no deposit, these companies can easily provide instant credit approval that can also be used in previous purchases.

So if you are trying hard to create some credit and you’re looking for online store credit cards with guaranteed approval then this post is for you. However, there is a catch, some of the online stores might have high prices, and fees so make sure to be prepared. 

Now, let’s get started.

Milestone MasterCard

At number one, we have Milestone MasterCard which is quite an excellent option for you if you want to enhance your bad credit and settle down some of your financial needs. With the Milestone MasterCard, you will not have to pay any security deposit. 

On the contrary, they also provide an initial credit limit of $300. The only thing is that the Milestone MasterCard is unsecured, but believe me, if you have bad credit then even an unsecured credit card shouldn’t bother you.

We recommend this card for those who are going through some sort of an emergency, and urgently want to overcome it. As compared to other cards available on the market, the Milestone Mastercard is not a bad one. Make sure to run a check for your qualification before you go on to make a hard inquiry.

There are some companies that require a high amount of fee from their users even for unsecured credit cards, however, the case is not the same with this one. Milestone MasterCard won’t charge you a one-time fee or monthly fee. You will have to pay an annual fee ranging from $33 to $75 for the first year. 

And with the passage of time, it can also rise up to $99. 

Please note that the total cost of this card depends upon your individual credit assessment. People having a low-risk factor will get to pay a low amount. But the annual charges are the same for everyone.


  • The fee they charge is fair
  • Interest rates are affordable
  • You can easily access your account via mobile at any time
  • Users are protected from fraud in case of card theft
  • The account history is reported to the major credit bureaus. 


  • The spending power is limited

Fingerhut Credit Card 

At number two, we have a Fingerhut credit card, and obtaining it is quite easy and hassle-free. The first thing to notice is that Fingerhut doesn’t require an annual fee from its consumers and this company reports to all the three important bureaus. 

There isn’t any membership fee required to get a Fingerhut Credit Card. Moreover, the Regular APR is 29.99% along with a total credit limit of up to $300. The credit score can get somewhere between 350 to 679, poor to average. 

The approval rate for Fingerhut is quite high, and we don’t think that they will decline your application. On the contrary, if you apply you can either get approved for their Fresh Start Account or else you can go on with their Advantage account. 

We recommend choosing Fingerhut if you want to rebuild or make your credit stronger or if you are looking for guaranteed approval. The good thing about Fingerhut is that you will get to choose from a vast variety of items every day. But you can only use the credit limit at Fingerhut only. Moreover, the interest rate is also quite high.


  • The interest rates are quite affordable
  • They don’t require any monthly, one-time, or annual fee
  • The approval chances are higher


  • You won’t get emergency loans with this service

Amazon Store Card

At number three we have the Amazon Store Card which is really a good choice and if you are an Amazon Prime Member then you should undoubtedly go with this option if you want to enjoy different benefits. Amazon offers its users both unsecured and secured cards but that again depends upon the credit score of the consumers. When your application is accepted for the Amazon Store Card, you will get access to $149 worth of purchases on Amazon.

Even though the application acceptance is not guaranteed, still you will get a $10 signup gift which is surely guaranteed. This amount can be used to purchase different items on Amazon. 

Also, if you are an Amazon Prime Member then you will also receive a 5% of cash back on every purchase that you make on Amazon. Other than all of these perks, Amazon doesn’t charge an annual fee from its consumers, which makes the card even better. Amazon Credit Card is free to use and it is quite affordable as well. In this way, you can easily re-establish your credit without any hassle.


  • There isn’t any annual fee for this card
  • Amazon Prime Members also get a cashback 
  • The signup gift is guaranteed which can be used further.


  • There isn’t any reward for the regular cardholders 
  • The APR is a bit high

Net First Platinum Card

Moving up next, we have the Net First Platinum Card on our list. This card is a third-party card that is added to the Horizon Network. Although it is a third-party card, it still works like the rest of the Horizon cards. For this platinum card, you will have to pay a membership fee of $14.77 each month. With this platinum card, you will be given a credit limit of $750 USD that can be utilized within the Horizon Network, however, within this network, there aren’t any vast buying options available as compared to the other networks. 

For this card, you don’t have to submit any proof of income or proof of employment, so don’t worry about that. Another thing to notice is that applying for this card won’t do anything to your credit.

The thing is, you will be charged a monthly fee of 14.77 USD which makes this card quite expensive. The annual fee goes around $177 and it will be increased by over 20% with each passing year.


  • Easy application
  • No proof of income or employment is required for this card


  • It can be a bit expensive
  • Reports only to 1 Bureau
  • You can only use it at Horizon

Total Visa Card

At last, we have another option which is the Total Visa Card. Even though this Visa Card is not the most affordable option available, it is recommended as an unsecured card for people who have bad credit. 

Just like the other services featuring unsecured cards, Total Visa doesn’t require its consumers to submit a security deposit in order to get their credit card. Instead, the charges fee can be quite higher for this one, starting at a total of $89.

The good thing about this card is that it provides you with a chance to reestablish your credit score. This is because their company reports to all of the major bureaus. Total Visa Card provides monthly reports regarding your account information which can further help you to create a good credit history. 

When it comes to emergency loans, a Total Visa card is a good option for building credit at a lower price. Even though the interest packs are a true headache, the initial fee is quite high. But still, users can consider this option. 


  • An excellent option for bad credit
  • The application process is quite easy
  • Reports to all the major bureaus 
  • You can choose your own card design


  • High fee
  • Spending power is limited

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