Why do My AirPods Sound Muffled? – 5 Ways to Fix

Why do My AirPods Sound Muffled? – 5 Ways to Fix

AirPods are Apple’s branded wireless earphones. They are widely used by millions of people worldwide. If you encounter this problem, do not panic. There may be a simple solution to this issue. Most of the time this happens, it turns out that all your AirPods do not need easy cleaning. Yes, it could be another problem, and we can look at those opportunities.

Apple AirPods have now gained high fashion status and are used by millions of people around the world. AirPods offer you a variety of features and allow you to control your music with great ease. Good problem-solving requires that we first look at the simplest and most common causes of the problem and lead to our solution in many cases. In this article, I will cover these cases of your unspecified Airpod problem.

How Does it Cause?

If the sound is not of the highest quality, it can lead to a series of problems. First of all, you know that Apple AirPods are less expensive. These are premium devices, and many people are willing to pay that premium because they expect high-quality sound.

AirPods sound dimmed when you speak. AirPods stay inside your ears whether, often or not, they have wax and other dirt particles. It can build on your Ear-Pods speakers, thus distorting its sound quality. What else? It creates a nasty sound when you speak.

Also, unintelligible AirPods audio while speaking may be caused by an incorrect Bluetooth connection. Or maybe, your AirPod needs to be reset. Below are various ways to fix audio that has not been installed on AirPods.

How to Overcome Airpods Sound Muffled Problem?

All you have to do is to overview, understand, and accomplish. If one solution fails, try the next step until your problem is completely solved.

Clean your AirPods

if you hear low or unrecognized noise from your AirPods, it is just because they were not adequately cleaned. You may not see this at first, but there may be a surprising amount of dirt that can get into your AirPods. Ideally, it is essential to clean your AirPods at least once every three to six months. This will ensure that the sound quality remains good.

Clean the Speaker Port

Sometimes, just cleaning your AirPods is not enough. For effective results, you need to dive deep and clean the speaker port. Use a Toothpick, paper towel, Q-tip, microfiber cloth, screen cleaner or rubbing alcohol, and compressed air of your choice. Cleaning the spray will soften the wax formed and dried inside the cracks for easy removal. Rubbing alcohol, on the other hand, helps to maintain good hygiene.

Stable Bluetooth Connection

What if I have done all the necessary cleaning but cannot fix the sounds not included in my AirPod? Although cleaning your AirPods should be a routine task, other ways to fix sounds are not included in AirPods. Among them, make sure you have a stable Bluetooth connection.

Reset your AirPods

Another option is to reset your AirPods, and it is a terrible measure, but it can help you solve many different problems. Many people report that resetting the AirPods has also helped them fix problems related to battery performance.

See the iOS Device for updates

There may be updates available for AirPods and iOS devices encountered, so it is recommended that you check iOS for updates from time to time. Remember, you need to make sure the firmware on your Apple AirPod and the app on your device are both up to date. It may disturb the sound quality if you don’t follow the precautions.

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